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Mar 11

Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment for Oil and Gas Pipelines
Wednesday, Mar 11
Session 1:
Chicago Time

​Oil and gas are frequently transported in long transmission pipelines.Managing internal corrosion is one of the key elements in maintaining the integrity of the pipelines to ensure safe operations and avoid unscheduled shutdowns.The pipeline internal corrosion is most commonly evaluated by in-line inspection (ILI) tools, however, not all pipelines are peggable.

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    • 17 Feb 2020
      The Economics of Thermal Applications: A Semi-Technical Overview on HC900

      Across the world, the demand for energy is soaring. Importance of steam is growing in most industries such as power generation, industrial processing, space heating. With operational equipment size continually increasing, even a modest efficiency gain means substantial savings. So, a good control strategy to manage operations is rucial. Listen to this webinar for details.

    • 9 Nov 2018
      Secure Network Planning: Best Practices for Experion and Experion® LCN Virtual Migrations

      The webinar is perfect for the team or individuals looking at addressing virtual migration security. We will cover an overview of the Experion LCN network architecture, then explore network implications for TPN to Experion LCN migrations. We will also address top-of-the-rack VLAN deployment. This session was conducted by Jay Gustin who is the inventor of Honeywell Fault Tolerant Ethernet(FTE).

    • 21 Dec 2017
      Experion LCN Webinar On Demand

      Honeywell’s Experion LCN enables incremental TotalPlant Solution (TPS) modernization and offers benefits such as intellectual property retention, infrastructure improvements and a reduced footprint.

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