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www.honeywellprocess.com/library/marketing/whitepapers/Industrializing Data Centers to Reach PUE Benchmark 1.2.pdf
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 23 Feb 2011 |  Size: 115KB
Honeywell has helped many data centers achieve the optimum Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio by improving their current control design with industrialized high accuracy instruments and controls that can dynamically monitor hotspots throughout the facility.
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 25 Nov 2010 |  Size: 436KB
Whitepaper on An Integrated Approach to Safety: Defense in Depth
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 8 Jun 2010 |  Size: 1MB
White paper on Honeywell Integrated Overfill Protection.
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 10 Nov 2008 |  Size: 82KB
White Paper discusses how EDDL and FDT-DTM provide the ability to have a truly open integration of systems and devices in a multi-vendor environment.
www.honeywellprocess.com/library/marketing/whitepapers/WP-07-01-ENG FTE Cabling Best Practices.pdf
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 29 Aug 2007 |  Size: 495KB
Technical advice on instN/Aation of copper and fiber optic cabling for FTE networks.
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 7 May 2007 |  Size: 274KB
Paper persented at NACE Expo 2006 by Michael S. Cayard & Walter G. Giesbrecht of Flint Hills Resources.
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 7 May 2007 |  Size: 380KB
Paper presented at NACE Expo 06. Author includes Russell D. Kane of Honeywell.
21-27 of 27 results

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