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Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 14 Sep 2011 |  Size: 1MB
Ecopetrol S.A., the state oil company of Colombia and fourth largest oil company in Latin America, undertook a major initiative to enhance its competitiveness in international markets.
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 12 Sep 2011 |  Size: 1MB
The principles of this business loop are no different than any other feedback control system: the quality of control depends on the accuracy of the measurements and the frequency with which corrective action can be taken.
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 12 Sep 2011 |  Size: 2MB
The problem is achieving real-time production performance management. The solution for this issue sounds very simple; just create a system that allows you access to exactly what you need when you need it.
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 12 Sep 2011 |  Size: 386KB
It is a framework for success that addresses the common opportunities shared by all industries. It identifies the business-process impediments that can be solved and the current technologies that work to improve and maintain all aspects of production.
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 12 Sep 2011 |  Size: 404KB
Supply chain data can vary in quality from good to downright misleading. When these data are being used as the basis for business decisions, the quality of the resulting strategic directions can vary.
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 12 Sep 2011 |  Size: 358KB
An effective collaborative production management environment brings together data from many sources and makes it available in a format for rapid business level decision making. For this to work, many components need to be in place.
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 12 Sep 2011 |  Size: 450KB
This paper looks at the characteristics of oil sands operational data and what is required to increase credibility and confidence in the information to meet current and anticipated regulations.
Document Type: Whitepaper |  Date Authored: 12 Sep 2011 |  Size: 2MB
Implementation of business controls to manage the path of production data from measurement devices through to validated production accounting numbers is an essential requirement in today’s regulatory controlled world.
1-8 of 8 results

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