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Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Update |  Release Date: 8 Oct 2019 |  Size: 333KB
OptiVisionR600.2 Release
Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Patch |  Release Date: 7 Oct 2019 |  Size: 1MB
Trace R130.1 Patch2 Component Software Download Datasheet
Zip Compressed File
Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Patch |  Release Date: 23 Sep 2019 |  Size: 17MB
HoneywellTrace Server and Remote node patch
Zip Compressed File
Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Add-On |  Release Date: 14 Aug 2019 |  Size: 68MB
SmartLine SMV800 Modbus device configurator, a PC application.
Zip Compressed File
Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Hotfix |  Release Date: 26 Apr 2019 |  Size: 342KB
The scope of this point release Hotfix includes Validation and Impact area testing of the following PARs: RTM-2050 - Command retry for all MSC-L commands not working RTM-2052 - Sometimes Task execution service is unable to process reports and notifications RTM-2212 - LoadNumber,Driver,vehicle download to MSCL failed because of Interpreter no write access NAK error. RTM-2213 - Issue found for Paused Arm status in MSCL RTM-2218 - Operator Dashboard is not able to show the compartment live quantity details when compartment code is configured with alpha-numeric value
1-5 of 5 results

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