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Zip Compressed File
Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Update |  Release Date: 9 Sep 2011 |  Size: 116KB
Zipped file containing XYR 6000 Temp/DI firmware and DD Files for STTW401 Series ISA 100.11a Compliant Transmitter Version 246 (R201) release. Also used for STTW400 and STXW500 Wireless Transmitter that were upgraded to be ISA100.11a Compliant
Zip Compressed File
Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Update |  Release Date: 2 Sep 2011 |  Size: 109KB
Zipped file that contains XYR 6000 Pressure firmware and DD Files for the STDW900 Series, STGW900 Series and STAW900 Series Wireless Transmitters Version 248. ISA100.11a compliant (R201) release.
1-2 of 2 results

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