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Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Hotfix |  Release Date: 20 Nov 2021 |  Size: 404KB
Control Performance Monitor R603.2_Hotfix1
Zip Compressed File
Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Patch |  Release Date: 8 Sep 2021 |  Size: 5MB
Taiji R320.2 includes the updates required to integrate Taiji Thin client and Taiji thick client with CPM R603.2. You can tune the assets in CPM Web Reports and view the results of tuning in both Taiji Thin Client and in CPM Web Reports. 1-DPVS40F :-: Application crashes and the step testing stops if attempting to identify the model.
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Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Patch |  Release Date: 8 Sep 2021 |  Size: 58MB
The key features enhanced in R603.2: Support for PHD DAS plugin, Edge browser Support for .Custom MPC template and Custom MPC KPI via SP, Enable Required flag for standard MPC templates, Support tag description for CV/MV/DV’s of MPC controller, Support for .Common web server –cross domain support, Support for TAIJI 320.1/.2 co-existence/integration with CPM, CPM R603.2 is Enhanced on top of CPM R603.1 and Taiji R320.2 is enhanced on R320.1
1-3 of 3 results

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