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Support Search Results for "Multitrend SX"

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Document Type: Support Tech Spec |  Release Date: 7 Apr 2021 |  Size: 333KB
TrendView Recorders Thermocouple Health-Monitoring
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Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Update |  Release Date: 21 Jan 2021 |  Size: 50MB
This release R211.4.09 addresses the issues related to AMS report corruption when TUS is stopped manually and Recorder not supporting more than one RDT connection. ATTENTION: Refer to note 43-TV-33-75_TV_Battery_iss8_Jul20.pdf for instruction on replacing the battery in the recorder. Refer Software Change notice for more details.
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Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Update |  Release Date: 29 Sep 2020 |  Size: 19MB
Trendview OPC Historian Server used with the TrendServer software for getting historical data from Trendview Recorders. Version updated for supporting new operating systems such as Windows 10.
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Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Update |  Release Date: 29 Oct 2020 |  Size: 14MB
This "Trendview X Series Recorder Firmware Upgrade-KL-R-0" release has following improvements - Option to configure an email in “Pen Alarm Configuration” itself and sending the PV value in the email when Pen alarm is triggered. - Increased a number of available email address that can be configured in the recorder to 50 from existing limit of 12.
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Document Type: Software Download |  Category: Update |  Release Date: 14 Jul 2020 |  Size: 78MB
RemoteDisplayClient 4.7.3 for TrendView products, that addresses following issues reported in earlier version. - The existing recorder list details would be retained during upgrade - For adding a recorder one need to enter IP Address, name and type only as it used to be in earlier versions prior to 4.7 - Help Document updated as per new procedure
11-15 of 15 results

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