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Select a date from the calendar.

Upcoming Online Courses
All eLearners are provided access to training materials via recorded lectures, demonstration videos and electronic course documentation. Questions and answers are addressed and 24-hour access to remote servers for hands-on practice and lab assignments.
Asynchronous Training (AT)
Asynchronous courses are self-directed and are given a specific extended amount of time for students to complete the training at their own pace. Questions and answers are addressed to an instructor via a designated mailbox.
Modular Training (MT)
Modular courses have been designed to provide flexible on-demand, topic-based learning. The duration of each module varies based on the learning goals and topic complexity. Participants are given a specific extended amount of time to complete the modular course at their own pace. ​View Courses  
Recorded Training (RT)
Recorded courses are self-paced training that focus on specific topics. You have the ability to access all or part of the courses as often as you wish for a specified duration.
Virtual Training (VT)
Virtual courses have an initial ‘live’ one-hour course orientation and daily ‘live’ Q&A sessions with an instructor. Each course event has established set dates for students to complete their training.
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Virtual Instructor-Led courses have a full time ‘live’ instructor to deliver the training lectures. Participants and instructor are not physically in the same location. Courses have set dates scheduled for training.
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Asynchronous Training, Modular Training, Recorded Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training, and Virtual Training​​

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