SESP Training Match

SESP Training Match

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Double your training investment with Honeywell’s Global SESP Training Match Program

Honeywell wants to invest along with you to ensure that your employees can leverage the capabilities of your automation systems and software. SESP has been designed to maximize the results from your investment in automation control and information technology. Simply purchase the annual Training Match option during the initial setup/renewal of your SESP contract term.

Our SESP Training Match Funds provide you with a dedicated training fund which allows you to choose the training curriculum that best suits your employee skill level needs. Training Match funds can be applied to the tuition of your direct employees who take Honeywell Process Solutions Automation College courses during the current SESP contract year. The approved courses are listed on the Automation College website, link.

Training Match funds can be applied to the published list price tuition for:

  1. In-Center regularly scheduled classes
  2. E-Learning training courses
  3. On-Site standard and tailored customer training courses


To determine how the SESP program and Training Match Fund will support your specific plant or mill operating strategies, contact your local Honeywell Account Manager or Field Service Manager.


Program Details:
  1. The Training Match option is an annual renewal program that is part of your SESP contract.
  2. You may purchase training funds up to 10% of your total SESP program final sell price and Honeywell will match the amount you designate, effectively doubling your training investment.
    • Your purchase commitment must occur at the beginning of the SESP contract term and shall not be added to, modified or cancelled.​

Additional Benefits of Training Match Funds:

  1. Apply towards registration of up to four attendees for Honeywell Users Group (HUG).
  2. The allocated funds under “On Demand Tech Webinars” may be used for Training Match or for On Demand Tech Webinar delivered by a Honeywell Subject Matter Expert.

Training Match funds cannot:

  • Be applied to third-party developed training courses, resold by Honeywell, or otherwise
  • Be applied to customized courses (new course development and delivery)
  • Be applied to equipment setup and shipping & handling fees for on-site training
  • Be applied to instructor’s travel & living expenses for on-site training
  • Be combined with any other discounts: Master Purchasing Agreement (MPA)/Strategic Business Agreement (SBA) or other negotiated contract discounts. Training must be taken within the yearly Agreement term
  • Be transferred or accumulated from one contract year to another. Any unused funds remaining at the end of the yearly Agreement term are forfeited.

All Honeywell Automation College Training Terms and Conditions apply.

All Honeywell SESP Contract Terms and Conditions apply.

Sign up or renew your Solution Enhancement Support Program (SESP) contract and include Training Match Funds today!​

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