Honeywell Certified Associate (HCA) 

Honeywell Certified Associate (HCA) 

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​For several years, customers requested Automation College to provide a mechanism for verifying that students have successfully mastered the content of key courses. Based on over ten years experience with internal HPS employee certification, Automation College has introduced a certification program exclusively, and involving minimal cost, for HPS customers. 

The certification program is organized on three principles:

  • HPS product line: Uniformance PHD
  • Customer roles: Installation, Administration, Operation, and Maintenance
  • Certification level: Associate (fundamental knowledge of the core product)

Associate certification requires the completion of any prerequisites, completion of a specified Automation College course, and successful completion of a proctored examination. Students normally register for the examination to be conducted at the completion of the associated course, but can register for the certification at any time. Registration allows candidates two attempts to pass an examination within a 30 day period. If not successful, candidates must wait at least 30 days, and re-register for the certification. ​​​​

Honeywell Certified Associate (HCA) 

Honeywell Certified Associate certification verifies student mastery of fundamental knowledge of the core product training content.

Click here to download Uniformance PHD Honeywell Certified Associate (HCA) Flow Chart​

  • ​Maintenance Technicians
  • Implementation Engineers and/or
  • System Administrators

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