Advanced Applications

Advanced Applications

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Advanced Alarm Management
Honeywell offers training courses that include best practices needed to design and engineer a good alarm system as well as a software course to assist in effective usage of Honeywell Alarm Management tools.
Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Honeywell’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling training courses help participants make effective use of planning and scheduling products for efficient operations planning, supply and distribution optimization and performance monitoring.
Advanced Process Control
Honeywell offers training courses in Advanced Process Control products addressing all aspects of control and optimization from improving regulatory loop control to globally optimizing the entire process using a unique layered approach.
Advanced Solutions
Honeywell offers training courses on Honeywell Alarm Manager, Honeywell Operational Insight and Honeywell Control Performance Monitor.
Asset Management and Reliability Solutions
Honeywell offers training courses on Asset Management and Reliability solutions to monitor assets ranging from field devices to process units that would help participants increase process uptime, asset availability and user productivity.
Batch Automation
Honeywell offers training courses on Batch automation; Scalable solutions that can increase the throughput of a plant, improve the productivity of operators and other users and enables improved production flexibility.
Control Performance Monitor
Honeywell offers training courses in Control Performance Monitor (CPM) addresses the reliability and efficiency of your process control assets.
Operations Management and Production Management
Honeywell offers training courses in Operations Management and Production Management that include best practices to improve product quality and provide easier implementation.
Operator Training and Simulation
Honeywell UniSim Competency Suite training courses provide hands-on experience with the UniSim Competency Suite interface and features. It helps prepare operators for initial and sustained plant operation.
Process Simulation
Honeywell's training courses on Process Simulation comprises industry-specific introductory level courses for steady state modeling covering advanced steady state modeling and introductory dynamics modeling.
Product Control Center
Honeywell recommends that training on Production Control Center (PCC) be provided as soon as it is installed to help users familiarize themselves with the product so that they can make the most of it
Profit Blending and Movement
Honeywell offers training courses on profit blending and movement products so that participants can learn ways to improve operations and optimize in-line blending to increase plant profitability and minimize incidents.
Uniformance PHD
Honeywell offers training courses on Uniformance® Process History Database that includes best practices to expand and improve utilization of the rich and flexible Uniformance environment for the collection, storage, and analysis of process data.

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