Operator Training and Simulation

Operator Training and Simulation

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Improve plant asset safety, reliability and performance with UniSim® Competency Suite. Train operators and engineers on how to respond during upset conditions to reduce potential incidents. Well-trained personnel react more quickly and diffuse process situations before incidents occur. Experience has shown that simulators train new hires more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods. Improved profit recognition and business performance is ensured by additional days of production achieved through safe, reliable and efficient plant operation.

UniSim Competency Suite training courses focusing on use​r interfaces and product features such as high fidelity process models to provide hands-on experience and deliver relevant, rich and compelling content for operators and engineers.

UniSim Competency Training Simulators rigorously model, evaluate and enhance performance of plant assets (operators, procedures and controls) prior to initial operations and throughout the plant lifecycle.

These business training solutions are designed to help participants become more productive and proactive while delivering greater value to operations and help maximize return on investment.

Operator Training and Simulation

​Honeywell UniSim Operations Suite training courses provide hands-on experience with the UniSim Operations Suite interface and features. It helps prepare operators for initial and sustained plant operation.


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  • ​Operators
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Implementation Engineers
  • System Administrators and/or Plant Management
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Operator Training and Simulation: Fundamentals of UniSim Configuration ImplementationThis training course will help participants gain the skills to maintain the simulation model at the heart of the OTS, as well as receive guidance on how a UniSim® Design model can be deployed in an OTS context.56.38 KBTraining Aid8 Jun 2016
Operator Training and Simulation: Fundamentals - UniSim Instructor Operation Course participants will become confident users of the training functions of UniSim Operations, ready to deploy the acquired skills and knowledge in their own classroom. 55.68 KBTraining Aid19 Nov 2014
Operator Training and Simulation: Fundamentals of UniSim System Manager Administration This Operator Training and Simulation course will help participants to maintain a UniSim® Operations Operator Training Simulator to ensure system reliability.62.56 KBTraining Aid6 May 2014
Operator Training & Simulation: Fundamentals - UniSim Experion ImplementationCourse participants will gain hands-on experience with the UniSim Operations Suite and Experion interface.55.6 KBTraining Aid27 Jun 2013
Operator Training and Simulation FlowchartFlowchart of Operator Training and Simulation courses.17.2 KBTraining Aid27 Jun 2013
OMPM-4571-EN-DES-47-R200-REV01-0-Operations Mgmt & Production Mgmt Fundamentals - Workcenter (R200) Implementation.pdfOperations Mgmt & Production Mgmt Fundamentals Workcenter (R200) Implementation62.25 KBTraining Aid9 Jul 2011

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