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Honeywell’s TotalPlant Solution (TPS) system integrates TDC 3000 modules with powerful Windows-based Global User Station (GUS) and Application Processing Platform (APP) nodes that connect directly to the Local Control Network (LCN). The GUS provides graphic display capabilities in addition to all Universal Station displays. The APP provides advanced supervisory control as well as a data interface for higher level applications
TPS is the backbone of thousands of control systems and continues to provide large scale Distributed Control System (DCS) capabilities and offers customers the flexibility to integrate into the latest Experion® LCN systems. The new Experion® LCN solution enables customers to upgrade to Experion and enable improvements in safety, profitability and operations while using their existing system as a strong foundation.  
Honeywell offers legacy TPS training courses that include best practices to implement, maintain, and operate plus new TPS to Experion® migration courses to optimize your system capabilities with the new Experion LCN solution. 
FREE TRAINING: (For immediate access to the training, click on the course number)
• “TPS-0018-RT: HPM to EHPM On-Process Migration Implementation” 
This recorded lecture and video demonstration (80 minutes duration total) are being made available to HPS customers at no charge
For recommended TPS training by role click here​.

Honeywell business training solutions on Total Plant Solution System provides participants the opportunity to learn the best practices to implement, maintain, operate and optimize the TPS system.

Click here to download TPS Flow Chart

  • ​Operators
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Implementation Engineers
  • System Administrators and/or Plant Management

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