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​Honeywell Trace is a powerful data collection software and change management system. Documenting data up to 300 times more frequently than other solutions and providing the most powerful search and analysis functions, Honeywell Trace helps reduce costs, increase reliability and boost performance.

Replacing paper-based records and spreadsheets with an automated solution, Honeywell Trace provides greater, faster, deeper insight into system set-up, configuration changes and system health for more efficient troubleshooting and project planning.

Never before have daily snapshots of your control system configuration, changes and engineering anomalies been possible to ensure that you’re working with complete situational awareness. Daily snapshots make change detection mean something. Honeywell Trace makes this possible, with our intellectual property and patented data collection approach to capture data in hours versus days with no babysitting because there is ZERO impact to the source system. Only Honeywell Trace provides daily insights that enable improved process and system performance for optimal system management with less effort – transforming the way your customers work!

Honeywell Trace is a process control documentation solution that allows

  • Full documentation of all Honeywell and some third-party control solutions
  • Quick cross reference access to information
  • Management of change tracking – including migration before and after comparison to ensure accuracy
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Spare channel management tools
  • Network and hardware topology views
  • Intuitive searches and queries without SQL
  • Performance reporting to see configuration changes’ impacts
  • Live System Performance Monitoring and Alerting


  • Reduce effort of daily activities with fresh information
  • Reduce effort of daily troubleshooting activities
  • Reduce effort of daily planning
  • Reduce daily effort to stay on top of potential issues

Offered in three packages (in your choice of Perpetual or Term-Based Licenses)

  • Bronze – the basics to track and trace your system configuration
  • Silver - change tracking and insight to improved productivity and performance
  • Gold - manage workflow and real time system performance monitoring
  • ​Getting Started with Trace  – This module provides a high level introduction to Honeywell Trace, its views and navigation
  • Hardware View – Familiarization with the Hardware view, navigation, data available, and overall functionality
  • Logical View – Familiarization with the Logical view, navigation, data available, and overall functionality
  • Network View – Familiarization with the Network view, navigation, data available, and overall functionality
  • Change Detection – Familiarization with Change Detection capabilities, data available, filtering, actions and overall functionality 
  • Engineering Anomalies – Familiarization with Engineering Anomaly capabilities, data available, filtering, actions and overall functionality
  • Exploring Tag Reference Search – Introduces the user to Trace’s powerful tag reference search capabilities
  • Easy Navigation Across Trace Views – Demonstrations of traversing Trace to easily access the information you need to take action
  • Creating User Defined Queries – An example is provided to introduce users to tools provided within Trace to help with needed queries
  • Permissions – Instructions to help add users to (or modify) one or more Trace ‘permissions’ groups
  • Quick Tip: Printing Large Diagrams from Trace PDF Files

More to come! If you hav​e a request for more instructional videos, please provide your suggestions here:

  • ​Maintenance Staff
  • System Engineers
  • Process Control Engineers
  • Project implementation teams
  • Quality Assurance
  • Instrumentation control managers
  • Safety team
  • Technical support
  • Automation supervisors
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Trace Fundamentals Applications and DocumentationThis training module provides an overview to Honeywell Trace Application and its functionality.87.65 KBTraining Aid3 Dec 2020
Trace Fundamentals Change Management and DashboardThis training module provides an overview to Honeywell Trace Application and its Change Management functionality.88.1 KBTraining Aid3 Dec 2020

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