Technical Training Residency

Technical Training Residency

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​The Technical Training Residency (TTR) program provides a comprehensive combination of Automation College courses and practical hands-on technical and business experience in a unique learning environment.

We offer a training program that can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Technical Training Residency

​HPS Training Services offers a Technical Training Residency (TTR) program that consists of classroom courses which will provide the highest value of training to future site personnel. This program is only offered through our HPS Automation College located in Houston, Texas, USA and provides the following:

  • Basic Skill Training
  • Training Assessment Plan and Intern Assessment Results
  • Program Objectives
  • Orientation and Mobilization
      > Fundamental to Process Control
      > Core Training – DCS & Safety Systems
      > Advanced and/or Specialized Training – DCS and Safety Systems based on background and interest of participants
  • Graduation and Demobilization
The main thrust of the program is to prepare the interns for successful completion of their training package and be competent in both knowledge and skill to do their work. The design of the training phases provides a knowledge and skill stream of building upon each preceding phase to provide a complete learning package.
To request information about this program:
Contact: 1-602-293-1866 (Option 4)
Toll Free: 1-800-822-7673 (Option 4)
Fax: 1-973-455-5000
  • Operators
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Implementation Engineers and/or
  • System Administrators

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