HON 280H-309 High Capacity Regulator

HON 280H-309 High Capacity Regulator

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The HON 280H-309 gas pressure regulator features a spring-loaded measuring unit and pressure compensating valve. It provides excellent control over full inlet pressure and working pressure range. This gas pressure regulator is ideal for deployment at gas distribution systems and commercial and industrial facilities.​​​​​

Features include: 

  • Integrated safety shut-off valve for overpressure and under-/over-pressure release

  • Simple servicing by removable cartridge as the main valve body remains in the regulating line

  • Balanced valve gives excellent control over full inlet pressure and working pressure range

  • Valve travel indicator

  • Suitable for natural, non-aggressive and manufactured gases; nitrogen, carbon dioxide and propane; and other gases upon enquiry

  • CE registration according to PED

  • Max. inlet pressure pu maxup to 10.3 bar (depends on model)

  • Outlet pressure range Wd0.01 to 0.225 bar (depends on model)

  • SSV setting range

    • Wdso 0.035 to 0.25 bar

    • Wdsu 0.01 to 0.03 bar

  • Connection: Flange DN 50

  • Temperature range: 20 to 60 °C

All mechanical components of this device are without ignition sources. As such, they are not subject to ATEX 95 (94/9/EC). All electrical components used with this device fulfil the ATEX requirements.

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