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Security Consulting Services can help companies rapidly engage cyber security expertise, knowledge and training without the need for in-house hiring, allowing companies to focus their valuable resources on innovation to drive business results while ensuring compliancy and avoiding production loss.



Honeywell’s Consultants will help customers leverage the expertise of nine Honeywell Centers of Excellence to safely simulate, validate and accelerate their cross-vendor industrial cyber security solutions in state-of-the-art facilities.


Delivered by experts in both operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), Honeywell’s new Security Consulting Services offers innovative design and field proven implementation of critical industrial cyber security work to enable businesses to safely implement digital transformation strategies and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


An enhanced portfolio of more than 30 services provides comprehensive strategic and tactical cyber services for industrial operators:



  • Evaluating cyber security maturity


  • Providing compliance audits


  • Designing system architectures


  • Defining network security and endpoint protection


  • Providing secure network refreshment.







Architecture & Design
Honeywell provides consultation on cyber security architectures and different network topologies based on proper segmentation of security zones and conduits.
Assessments and Audits
Assessments and audits can help uncover passive attacks and identify vulnerabilities such as unauthorized access and other non-compliance issues.
Endpoint Protection
Endpoint protection is designed to secure each endpoint on the network before device access is granted.
Network Security
Network Security is a new cyber security service that improves PCN performance and security by replacing older and obsolete network equipment that is extremely vulnerable to cyber security attacks.
Response and Recovery
Honeywell’s Industrial Cyber Security Solutions can help develop a backup and recovery plan, implement automated backup systems, and assist with system recovery in order to improve the recoverability of digital assets.
Situational Awareness
Honeywell services provide ongoing situational awareness of new vulnerabilities and the latest advanced persistent threats (APT).

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