Advanced Monitoring and Incident Response (AMIR) service is the industry leading cybersecurity monitoring service for operational technology (OT) environments. It provides 24/7 threat monitoring, threat detection and incident response support to quickly identify and address threats.

AMIR provides a comprehensive solution to address OT cybersecurity skills shortages and evolving threats to industrial control systems:

• 24/7 coverage from a fully managed Honeywell Security Operations Center (SOC), providing coverage across the globe
• Active monitoring of security, network and systems data across the site to identify sophisticated attack attempts and breaches
• Proactive threat hunting to address high risk areas through analysis of large volume of security events data
• Designed for OT environment using industry standard OT security tools, SIEM and SOAR technologies
• Accommodates wide range of security and operational logs such as AV, IDS/IPS, PLC, SCADA Network, and Firewall
• Immediate response once an incident is identified for most critical incident
• Provide guided remediation support by certified and experienced OT and Cybersecurity personnel

With round-the-clock support, expert OT security analysis and a sophisticated security information and event management (SIEM) technology platform, AMIR is a powerful solution to keep your plant and people protected.