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  • Always stay ahead of threats and resist attacks with intelligent cyber security technology backed by continuous innovation and investment.
  • Get the best of cyber security technology and services with the multi-vendor approach that integrates top-notch technology with proven expertise.
  • Address cyber security holistically throughout the control system lifecycle with the most complete suite of solutions and services

ICS Shield

ICS Shield® is Honeywell’s top-down OT cyber security management solution for securing connected ICS/SCADA environments. Empowering organizations to implement connected operations while minimizing cyber security vulnerabilities, ICS Shield secures remote field assets from a single security and operations center.

Secure Media Exchange (SMX)

Secure Media Exchange reduces cyber security risk and limits operational disruptions by monitoring, protecting, and logging use of removable media throughout industrial facilities. SMX provides easy-to-use security for safe, productive use of removable media in industrial networks.

Risk Manager

The new release offers even more powerful features to improve visibility, cut cost and simplify analysis and reporting across distributed control systems. Now with Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM), Risk Manager can provide real-time visibility of over 20 different Risk Manager sites in a single dashboard at the Level 4 Business Network. Using proprietary algorithms, Risk Manager continuously monitors network and system devices for vulnerabilities and threats.

CyberVantageTM Managed Security Services

Enhancing its proven Managed Industrial Cyber Security Services with new security analytics, device management, and regionalized support services, CyberVantage Managed Security Services help customers modernize industrial control system (ICS) capabilities while minimizing operational issues caused by cyber security incidents.

Industrial Security Consulting

From advisory consulting to implementation and operational support, Honeywell’s field services address industrial cyber security needs from end-to-end and are delivered by a global team of experts.

Integrated Partner Technology

Honeywell has a unique multi-vendor approach to provide integrated cyber security management. We integrate state-of-the-art technology with proven expertise so that customers can confidently rely on us.

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