Know Our Technology Partners

Next-generation Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions
Palo Alto Networks, a recognized leader in next-generation cybersecurity, offers a complete security platform that delivers unprecedented layer-7 traffic visibility and advanced threat prevention for both IT and OT environments. Honeywell offers this entire platform via integrated and pre-validated solutions including reference architectures for Experion, technology integration into Honeywell’s Industrial Cyber Security Risk Manager, and firewall co-management services.

Our joint solutions ensure that your OT environments are being protected with the most capable, integrated platform that stops advanced cyberattacks even as they evolve. By using our pre-validated solutions you reduce your deployment risk and shorten the time to security. Finally, you will benefit from the two leaders’ world-class support and commitment to continuous innovation. Learn more by downloading our Solution Brief.

Honeywell and Intel Security Team to Secure Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Internet of Things
Honeywell and Intel Security are collaborating to help bolster protection of critical industrial infrastructure and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Intel Security’s McAfee technologies is integrated with Honeywell’s Industrial Cyber Security Solutions, providing Honeywell customers with enhanced security software to protect their control systems from malware and misuse.

The threat of cyber attacks on industrial and critical infrastructure targets is growing rapidly and the collaboration between Intel Security and Honeywell combine the latest advances in cyber security technology with Honeywell’s unique industrial process domain knowledge to provide tailored security solutions for the industrial environment. This partnership enables integrated, validated solutions for industrial process customers to more rapidly deploy and better protect their investment.

Honeywell and SecurityMatters Partner to Strengthen Resilience to Cyber Threats
Security Matters’ flagship network monitoring platform, “SilentDefense”, enables cyber resilient industrial environments by ensuring the underlying network is healthy and threat-free. SilentDefense empowers asset owners with full visibility over industrial threats before they lead to major costly operational or cyber-attack incidents. SilentDefense also leverages an industry first powerful Industrial Threat Library (ITL) of nearly 300 and counting complex use cases as well to great advantage. Security Matters can also be integrated and closely compliments Honeywell’s Industrial Cyber Security Risk Manager