Experion MX Compact Scanner

Honeywell offers an advanced scanner that’s right for you.

Paper and flat sheet manufacturers have to operate on a 24/7 basis with changing and dynamic production processes. Any issues with quality can have an immediate impact to the bottom line.

At the same time, end-user requirements, whether they’re from the consumer or the converter, are more and more demanding. Any mistake in quality can result in costly claims or lost business and reputation.

The Experion® MX Q6088 Compact Scanner has all the features you need – without unnecessary size and complexity
• Designed for applications requiring only one or two scanning measurements, with a small machine direction (MD) footprint
• Accurate measurements to optimize machine operations, process efficiency, and product quality
• Environmentally hardened scanner frame for sustained performance under the harshest conditions
• Ethernet Data Acquisition (EDAQ) architecture supporting the advanced MXIR sensor and Ethernet for sensor communications
• Comprehensive diagnostics provides better visibility of analytic information at the sensor level to maintain system performance, reliability, and availability
• Incorporates Honeywell’s QCS 4.0 solution, which leverages digitization and the IIoT to transform data into actionable insights

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